Hammond Clinical Trial Consulting, LLC

Hammond Clinical Trial Consulting is a small, Seattle-based clinical research & regulatory consulting firm.  We specialize in helping companies with medical devices, diagnostics, biologics, dietary supplements, and combination products take those products from the initial design through the regulatory requirements and ultimately to market.

When dealing with a large consulting firm, it sometimes feels as if you've been overwhelmed by a wave of people and billings.  As a small firm, Hammond Clinical Trial Consulting can integrate easily into your organization and provide you with as much or as little clinical and regulatory guidance and assistance as you would like.  Our overhead is low and our teams are experienced and stable.   Our consultants and partners are never pressured to sell additional services because we don't have large overheads to cover. We'll provide consulting at just the right level.

We offer the usual collection of clinical and regulatory services, including:

  • Clinical Research
    • Clinical trial design and management services
    • Case Report Form design
    • Monitoring & Auditing
  • Medical Writing
  • Regulatory Guidance
  • GCP Training

Hammond Clinical Trial Consulting can help you with any aspect of your clinical trial design and execution; however, if what you really need is a simple answer to a simple question and you don't want the hassle of consultant run-around you can always call or e-mail us.  We want your products to succeed and we don't mind giving you a little nudge in the right direction.